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Your Health in Motion

What Our Patients Have to Say...

I love the relaxing environment! Very quick appointment. The adjustment she did makes me already notice a difference in my posture and helped relieve some tension as well! Can’t wait to come back.

Sophia W.

I love that you get a little pre-treatment of cupping/ tilting table/ electrodes before getting adjusted... makes the body a lot looser. Dr Keturah is kind and affable and finds all the sore spots to fix.

Justine D.

This space is very welcoming and professional! I was able to do some cupping before my adjustment and the dr. talked me through a lot of stretches I can do at home to keep my body aligned. Very informative and accommodating. 10/10 would recommend.

Jessica B.

I've been going to the Pasadena office for over a year now, and after every correction I feel so much better. Better posture, clearer headed, tension released. Dr Chang and Dr Fawaz were extremely helpful in getting my carpal tunnel under control.

Drew van Steenbergen

I will definitely be coming back, after my first visit I felt amazing and I could feel the difference in my body. I will be a returning patient without a doubt and will be seeing her 2x a week. I’m so happy that I came to this office and glad it is also 10 minutes from my house.

Crizanne G.

Setareh is outstanding. She will relieve your pain. She treats all members of our family. My daughter said it best when she said as we pulled into the parking lot, "I've been waiting all day to see Setareh! I woke up this morning and was excited to know that I was going to see Setareh today!"

Reva B.

I have been coming here for bi-weekly chiro and acupuncture services. The office is very clean, the receptionist is very accommodating and the Doctors are very thorough about the plan of care. I cannot tell you how grateful I am about finding this place. My knee pain has improved immensely, I will continue my treatment here.

Karen Cruz

Dr. Derakhshan sees her patients as whole people. She empathetically listens to them and understands that health is something that extends far beyond the physical mechanics of well-practiced chiropractic medicine. I have been one of her patients for many years. I highly recommend Dr. Derakhshan and her team!

Eric L.

I’m so pleased with the treatment I’ve received. Doctor D is patient and kind & her team is incredibly thorough. Their practice is holistic. I worked a lot with Justin during my treatments & he is top tier. After suffering a car accident with injuries to my neck, back and shoulder, Justin has been instrumental in my recovery.

Miko U.

Dr. Derakhshan is amazing! She always finds the problem areas and fixes them. For years my shoulders, neck and arm were in pain and several doctors could not fix the problem. I finally found Dr. D. and she fixed the problem in a few weeks. Like I said she's amazing. Her staff is always friendly and it is definitely always a pleasure to be there.

Alma Juarez

I always feel better after leaving Dr. Derakhshan's office, whether I came in with a weekend sports injury or a weekday--computer-desk-neck. She truly listens to her patients and genuinely cares about their well being. The depth of her knowledge and expertise of the human body is clear. Everyone in the office is very courteous and attentive.

Lauren Freedman

Getting those adjustments really make me feel much better and motivate me to continue and improve my healthy lifestyle. I have a little more than two years getting adjustments and treatment here and I must say how important it is to take care of back and body because it distresses me and I always feel a boost in my body's immunity after every treatment!

Sonia Felix

Dr. Derakhshan is my first and only one I would ever trust to work on my muscle tensions! Her staff is wonderful, such professional sweethearts. I have been dealing with shooting pains and pinched nerves since i was 15 and after my visit with her it felt like for the first time I never had any back problems to begin with!! would recommend her to every person in the world. Fast wait time excellent service thank you

Ariana C.

Compassionate, great listener, provides wonderful explanations about health related issues and the best courses of treatment. Dr. D is concerned about the whole person, not a single symptom. In addition to Dr. D the other people working in her office are equally personable, compassionate and guiding to assist the patient to truly acquire a higher quality of life.

Jacqueline H.

When I first came to this chiropractor, I couldn't stand with my briefcase and was in constant pain due to pinching nerves. The pain is completely gone thanks to regular treatments, It's a miracle! Dr. D is amazing and always seems to understand my pain. Recently I had pain on the bottom of my foot and she isolated it to a cramped muscle on my leg. They massaged my muscles and the pain resolved. Alfredo is the best massage therapist anywhere, and the whole staff is wonderful and on the ball.


Dr. D and Dr. A... are not your typical "chiropractors" they are truly body healers!!! I have never had a doctor so accurately diagnose and treat my chronic neck and shoulder pain while providing an overall health and wellness look at what is causing these stressed muscles and what will help heal my body and pain. With a combination of chiropractic adjustments, cupping, and this activator tool they use I always leave feeling the weight of the world lifted off of my shoulders!!!

Tenia Muhammad

I've been going to Dr D since last year and I'm so grateful for what she's done for me! I've gotten so much more value than what I expected. She's really invested in my health and has not skimped on taking the time to talk with me to evaluate any pain that has troubled me. I've gone to about a dozen chiropractors and I can confidently say that she's the best! She's consistently exceptional and her techniques have been very effective. Her approach isn't just handling the immediate pain, but also preventing it and maintaining your entire wellness.


I can't say enough, about how amazing Dr. Derakhshan and her staff continue to be during each office visit for my continued journey of wellness. had been to several other Chiropractors in the past and most of them made me feel worse at the end of each visit. Not the case with Dr. Derakhshan; I have been for treatment from Dr. Derakhshan since last Summer and in under 20 minutes she had worked some sort of miraculous healing, during each treatment and adjustment. Afterwards, I was feeling great and very much enjoyed my office experience!

Joe Frazier A.

Dr. Derakshan, and her excellent office staff have helped me tremendously. She understands the body holistically at an extremely high level and is able to communicate that understanding, and most importantly implement it across the board. From diet, ranging to ergonomics, and the nuts and bolts of adjustments. If you want to help correct misalignments, or even better want to prevent them from happening (again) you would be doing yourself a disservice not to visit. She is an invaluable person to have as counsel "on your team."

Jules Soto

Extraordinarily good doctor. Performed an extensive interview and conducted a number of hands on tests to determine probable cause(s) of problems. Very observant and adjusted her diagnosis as she gained more and more information. Initial manipulation session provided noticeable improvements. Very smart person. Really impressed that she kept probing -- through interview and through physical tests -- to test her assumptions and, based on additional information gained, to modify her initial diagnosis. Incredible that she could achieve as much therapeutic benefit in one session.

Marcus L.

I am blown away by my amazing chiropractor appointment with Kristina Tauran. She took her time getting to know my health history, which parts of my body that were in pain and a very thorough examination before even adjusting me (which I had never received before and really shows her fabulous work ethic) I had never experienced that much care and attention to my needs before hand. ?I could really tell she values her job and the positive outcome of her patients as she takes her time getting to know your pain. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone in need of a chiropractor that will actually help you get better!

Halie B.

I was training for a half marathon and having a lot of pain in my hips ( right below that bony part of your hip on your upper thigh) when I was running. I went and saw Dr. D and after conducting a few tests she found a place in my back that was actually causing the pain. She did some work and adjustments on me and I immediately felt better, of course with a few more visits I felt completely healed of that problem and was able to continue with my training and complete my half marathon! I was very impressed with her knowledge and the way she explained everything to me that made perfect sense. I would definitely recommend her to anyone!

Parvoneh D.

5 star reviews for this unique small business that's growing everyday!! This is a chiropractic office, but they offer so much more! Like massages, acupuncture, liver/gut cleanses, cupping technique, and more! The doctors here are also super kind, professional, and knowledgeable! Whether it's Dr.D or Dr.Yolla, they sincerely care about patients health and diagnosing the problem. I have had severe lower back problems for a while and with the treatment plan, it is slowly but surely getting better. They also taught me that the length of my legs are uneven, which was why my knee was hurting when I went running. With the adjustments and the CBD cream they use on me, my pain level has decreased and my legs are back in the same length! Who knew!

Brenda Tolentino

Dr. D is an incredible chiropractor. Her specialties in functional medicine and chiropractic neurology have been crucial to restoring my health. Her style of care works great for me and my husband, even though we both have different needs. I get more into the holistic side of things and need more intensive care for long-term health issues, while my husband is very healthy but needs regular physical adjustments to keep his body running well. Dr. D was there for me at a time when I was feeling like conventional doctors couldn't help me and when I've felt my health was failing. She has been an integral part of my health care and support network during these low times. And, I always appreciate the upbeat energy and confidence she brings to each visit. The office manager, GayLee, is an equally radiant part of the care team at Your Health in Motion, and I always look forward seeing her. She makes sure all of Dr. D's patients are well cared for.

Evelyn Allen

AMAZING CARE AND I LEFT PAIN FREE! They really do stand by their name and actually do CARE from start to end. Hands down the best health provider around. I am originally from Pasadena, and will be moving back in September. But I made the early trip from Murrieta to Pasadena to see Dr. Derakhshan because I heard so much great things about the Doctor and her office staff, and I was in dire need of an adjustment and treatment. Also I was eager to start back on the road of wellness and she did not let me down. My appointment was for 1250PM, got there at 1220, and they were busy, but I was still called back to start the paper work and straight to the treatment room and consult with Dr. D. Then the treatment and adjustment. Dr. D. has an amazing bed side manner, you really sees she cares, and takes time with you and asks you if you have any questions, concerns, or comments. I will be going for my next adjustment real soon and continue with Dr. D on my road to wellness. Thank you so much for your great work!

Frazier Joe Akroush

January 2017 began with chronic sciatic and neck pain. I spent the next 3 months with 4 different chiropractors coupled with acupuncture and a major diet clean up in hopes for some relief. By the end of March I wasn’t all that impressed with my progress. That’s when a friend urged me to check out what she called ‘a true healer’. I then contacted Dr. Derakhshans office to find out she takes my insurance (YAY!) however she is in Pasadena (22 miles from home YIKES!) I figured after all the time and effort spent trying to get better at this point the drive could be worth it. I saw her that April and it is now March 22, 2021 and it so happens I have the pleasure of the drive tomorrow! Four years, 22 miles one way, for a TRUE HEALER. The office is actually filled with them. Last week Dr. Cheng adjusted my misaligned hips and I floated out of the office. I felt so blessed to have 4 healing hands in one visit. Dr. D. cupped me and used her magic muscle scraper on my neck (which are available for purchase) with her wonderfully effective 1,000 MG Fully Activated CBD oil formula. Get yourself a tub of this, layer it on after a bath and the best night sleep will follow! There are so many services offered here to address all systems of the body. They even sell APEX Energetics Multivitamin, Mineral powder which is delicious in smoothies and juices. Oh and I NEED appointment reminders and they send an email 3 days prior AND a text the day before which I sooooo appreciate. I really cannot rave enough about Dr. D and staff. Take the drive (unless you’re fortunate enough to live closer), you WILL NOT be disappointed. At the very least, press a couple of keys on your keyboard and learn about her offerings.

Amy Holtzman

I've been putting off writing a review of Dr. D and her staff because I don't know how to put into words just how much her treatment has meant to me. I'm an animator and story artist. I've known this is what I wanted to do since I was in the third grade; I have been working my whole life ever since to make that dream a reality. After over 8 years of working in the industry at Disney, Pixar, Nickelodeon, and Dreamworks I developed an overuse injury in my drawing arm. I couldn't physically draw anymore because of the pain. I was forced to go on leave and my epic year+ long battle with the dysfunctional workers comp system began. I was sent to countless doctors, surgeons, specialists, physical therapists and nothing was helping me. My whole world was shattered. I was terrified I would never draw again. I was broken and desperate when a friend of mine told me to give a chiropractor a try, and I found Dr. D. She won me over on my very first visit when she was able to find the problem areas just by feeling up and down my arm. She could tell where the unhealthy tissue was just by touch! Slowly but surely she started to help me heal. Where every other doctor failed, she patiently stuck with me and gave me relief. I'm still on the road to recovering, but she has given me what no other doctor could: hope and a path to healing. How do you thank someone for giving your whole world back? I don't know. But hopefully this review can be a start. Dr. D thank you for being my doctor! It literally means the world to me.

Heidi Jo Gilbert
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