Brain Health Screening

Now Available at
Your Health in Motion Wellness Office
in Pasadena, CA

We use a state of the art Functional EEG with Brain Mapping to detect areas of imbalance in the brain.

This brain mapping is completely safe, non-invasive, zero radiation, there is nothing going into the body. The Functional EEG picks up the electricity naturally emitted from your brain while doing tasks. In medicine, we have been using EEGs in the hospital for many years for Epilepsy/Seizures and Sleep apnea. Dr. Kotiw, DC is the Neurology Professor at Southern California University of Health Sciences and Functional EEG expert and educator She teaches this cutting-edge technology at the doctorate and post doctorate level all around the country. She brings this technology to our patients for use in our office. It is small, compact, comfortable. You don’t need to change into a gown or do anything special. The worst thing that happens is that we use sterile saline solution on the cap and your hair might get a little wet, so maybe don’t come straight from the salon.

Brain EEG at Your Health In Motion - A woman is relaxing in chair, wearing a fluffy white robe, and an electrode cap on her head.

What’s the difference between a Functional EEG and an MRI?

 An MRI takes a picture and reveals the structure of your brain, while a Functional EEG reveals the function of your brain. Both are extremely important pieces of the puzzle of brain health. We need to understand how the brain is functioning to influence Neuroplasticity for the best chance at healing the brain.

Do I have to wait until I have a brain disease to get this test?

No, you can get a wellness screening and hopefully detect small changes long before they become big problems; just like we do for our dental health, blood pressure and blood sugar. We don’t want to wait until we have symptoms. Early detection of imbalances allows us to have a much more pro-active approach to treatment.

We believe this technology should be standard of care for everyone in their wellness check-ups so we lowered the price to $120 to get everyone a scan that wants a scan. Dr. Kotiw believes everyone should be scanned and that this technology could really change the way we examine.
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